Upbeats is a destination for music-driven group fitness classes that provide an intense workout and a fun experience. The studio is locally owned and located in the Frelard neighborhood of Seattle. Classes at Upbeats have been carefully curated to ensure that you can get a full mind and body workout at the studio while having fun and becoming the best version of YOU.


Our fitness anthem


Be input focused

When fitness is enjoyable it becomes sustainable. We focus on inputs, having fun and performing moves safely. When we focus on the inputs, outputs, improved health and body image, naturally follow.


Be yourself

Fitness classes should be a space where we can authentically be ourselves. When we workout, we are working on being the best versions of ourselves, not trying to transform into somebody else.


Be inclusive

We have too much to learn from each other to have an exclusive attitude in class. We leave our egos at the door, take options and modifications when needed, and respect our neighbors for owning their workouts as well.


Music + Movement

Music enables us to break through mental and physical barriers by motivating, inspiring, and encouraging us to work to our potential. It’s more than just good beats…it’s science. Many studies have concluded that music plays a significant role in exercise performance and adherence. Exercise performance is better and it offers physiological and psychological benefits:

  • Dissociation: Music diverts the mind from feelings of fatigue lowering perception of effort.

  • Synchronization: Moving to music improves movement efficiency.

  • Motor learning: Music replicates forms of human locomotion.


Why “Upbeats”?

Upbeat has two definitions, both of which resonate with our melody and our mood at the studio. As a noun, an accented beat in music, upbeats gives a nod to our music driven culture. As an adjective, it strikes a cord with how our classes make us FEEL, a contented state of being happy, healthy, and positive.